About: Intellify IITD is a youth-led initiative started by the students and alumni of IIT Delhi working towards the mission of bringing a change in the current education system with emphasis on rethinking and innovating learning.
Details: Web Development Intern - Handling old web portal, Developing REST APIs for the mobile app, Developing relevant features on the new web portal.
Duration: currently working from 31st March 2019.
Skills Used: Backend- PHP, MySQL, CodeIgniter. Frontend- jQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap. Cloud Computing- AWS, GoDaddy. Version Control - Git.



An eCommerce website build with Node.js, Express.js and MongoDB on backend and React.js on frontend. It is still in progress.


Blog Website

A blog website build with Node.js, Express.js and MongoDB to demonstrate RESTful routing. It was my first backend project.



A static Web App build with materializeCSS and jQuery in a Hackathon to calculate bedtime and wake-up time for optimal sleep.

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